Here is an attempt at laying down a roadmap for the development of Libgda.

Next versions

Here is a list of features which will at some point integrated into Libgda:

If you have any specific requirement, please let me know by sending an email to the GnomeDB mailing list ([email protected]), or by filling a bug report in bugzilla for Libgda requesting a new feature (

Future 6.0 version

Currently implemented:

5.2 version

This is now the current stable version. It mainly fixes some annoying issues with the 5.0 version. Also support for GObject introspection has been improved, and a Vala extension has been added.

5.0 version

Compared to the 4.2 version it:

4.2 version

Compared to the 4.0 version, the 4.2 version:

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