GDA First Steps

GDA is a middleware to access data stored in a database. To access this data you must have the following:

GDA will allows you to create powerful queries over database's tables, insert new data and modify them; all of this, using the Object Oriented system in GObject.

Even you can create powerful applications using the all the API's functions, for the momment, as an introduction and a quick start using GDA,

Most of this functions is to easy use of GDA's API simplify the way you'll perform this common task.

Open a connection to a DSN

If you have a DSN configured in your system, you can use gda_open_connection to get a new GdaConnection, which is used in all the convenient functions to perform its tasks.

gda_open_connection (const gchar *dsn, const gchar *username, const gchar *password, 
                     GdaConnectionOptions options, GError **error)


Create a Table



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